Vision Oilfield Equipment Trading was established in 2005, it is an integrated manufacturing, planning and designing company recognized for its quality service and equipment. The company has focused on developing products for the oil and gas industry by designing and manufacturing oilfield storage and transportation tanks,triplex twin pumps, silo tanks, centrifugal pumps, batch mixer, oilfield equipment solutions and supply of spare parts. Our mission is to develop equipment to service the global markets and to be recognized leader in quality,innovation, value and customer satisfaction

With team efforts, we have established ourselves as a leader in oilfield storage tanks and fracturing equipment. We are also recognized as a professional pump manufacturer and centrifugal pumps throughout the global market. Our technology, quality workmanship and customer service have helped us to be able to provide a wide range of diversified products

Vision Oilfield Equipment Trading is dedicated to providing customers worldwide with high end oilfield equipment to ensure quality service and stability.With reliable performance and short delivery time and professional after sales service, the company equipment has been distributed around Middle East and regions providing safe, environment friendly and reliable service for the oil and gas industry offshore and onshore.