The Batch Mixer comes with a diesel driven hydraulic power pack and it’s fitted with variable speed controls to allow fine tuning of the agitators and centrifugal pumps to run at the desired speed to achieve the job requirements. The Batch tank is fitted with an educator assembly and mixing hopper to aid the mixing of chemicals and cement. The educator assembly has an integral jet assembly, which provides the necessary suction force to properly mix the slurry. The educator assembly which sits on top of the batch tank, accommodates a 4 inch mixing hopper and 2 – inch water line to allow addition of chemicals and cement to achieve the correct slurry density while circulating and agitating. We have two types of Batch Mixer:

Cement Batch Mixer
Acid Batch Mixer


Engine C9 caterpillar
Drust gear box
Veljin (Dennison Style) hydraulic system
Centrifugal Pump (mission & double-life)
Murphy control panel
Butterfly Valve (SPM, FMC & Demco
Actuator valve (FMC)
Chalwyn Valve
Spark Arrestor
Shutdown Emergency System

Our batch mixer is testedin zone 2 and safe zone. below is our option for batch mixer capacity:

100 bbl | 120 bbl | 150 bbl | 200 bbl