The dual choke manifold has on one side of the flow path an adjustable choke to allow a flexible control of the back pressure during well killing or well lifting. It is equipped with a data manifold where a pressure recorder can be connected or for sampling for BSW measurement during flow period. The fixed choke side provides a means of conducting extended flow period for well clean-up on a known choke size.


Upstream Valves: 3 1/16” 10K Cameron Type “F” gate valves
Downstream Valves: 3 1/8” 5K Cameron Type “F” gate valves
Adjustable Choke: 3 1/16” 10K Cameron “H-2” Adj. Choke

Specifications (DIMENSION)

Length (m): 3.38
Width (m): 1.54
Height (m): 0.97
Weight (lbs): 2,100
Max. W.P. (psi): 10,000
Max. Test press (psi): 15,000